What and Why FDK

Modernization and liberalization that is now developing in Indonesian society, on the one hand, has given birth to various advances, but on the other hand it also raises various social problems and acute environmental crises. As seen from the portrait of poverty, unemployment and various social diseases (pathology) continue to emerge in the community. Likewise, the condition of nature as the place where we live and build our lives is increasingly fragile due to the capitalistic and exploitative work system. This phenomenon certainly requires a more humanist and ecological vision as contained in Islamic values so that people do not experience the burden of an increasingly vulnerable and deteriorating life.

It is in this context that the Faculty of Da'wah and Communication (FDK) continues to grow and transform to contribute to answering the problems and challenges above. Da'wah in terminology in the form of a call for virtue or benefit, so that it is always relevant and contextual to the dynamics of the times, is not enough to be limited to the doctrine of a belief system or to be sufficient by itself, its existence must be transformed in touch with other sciences so that the spirit of da'wah does not stop at calling out, more than that is empowerment or other social action.

It is not surprising that the five study programs in FDK reflect future scientific trends, namely the study programs (1) Islamic Broadcasting Communication-KPI, (2) Islamic Guidance and Counseling-BKI, (3) Da'wah Management-MD (4) Islamic Community Development-PMI, and (5) Social Welfare Science-IKS. These five study programs educate students to have an Islamic scientific perspective that is combined or in contact with other modern social theory development trends so that students have an integrative and inclusive conceptual understanding in reading various challenges of the times according to their expertise. Students are also educated to have professional skills through various learning practices in the fields of media communication, family counseling and community development and other social service systems, both related to the Islamic financial system or assistance to vulnerable groups. In addition, since 2016, responding to the aspirations and needs of the community, FDK has also opened a S-2 Postgraduate Study Program in the field of Islamic Communication and Broadcasting (KPI).