Islamic Guidance and Counseling

Vision :
Excellence in the study and development of Islamic Guidance and Counseling for the Benefit of Humanity.

Mission :
1. Organizing Islamic Counseling Guidance (BKI) education and teaching with an integration and interconnection approach to produce graduates who are competent, professional, dedicated and have good character.

2. Developing Islamic Counseling Guidance (BKI) research with an integration and interconnection approach for the benefit of academics, stakeholders, and society.
academic, stakeholders, and society.

3. Performing community service through Islamic Counseling Guidance (BKI) in helping to solve social and religious problems of individuals, families and communities.

4. Establishing cooperation with educational institutions, government, companies and community organizations that have a commitment to the development of Islamic Guidance Counseling (BKI) science, in a humanist manner.


1. Producing graduates who are competent, professional and dedicated and have good morals in the development of Islamic Counseling Guidance (BKI) with an integration-interconnection approach.

2. Making the Islamic Counseling Guidance Study Program as a research center with an integration-interconnection approach regarding social and religious issues through scientific publications, as an academic reference for all parties, both educational institutions, stakeholders and the wider community.

3. Increased participation and pioneering of the academic community in handling religious social problems through Islamic Counseling Guidance that integrates interconnection dynamically and sustainably.

4. Establishing cooperation with various parties in the context of developing knowledge, improving the quality of the organization and supporting the implementation of the tri darma of higher education that is humanist and civilized.

Accredited A

This study program produces students who have competence as counselors, both community counselors, families and counseling teachers in schools. In the midst of various life problems such as the level of anxiety, stress and other forms of mental instability that continue to escalate in society, the counseling approach to build a strong character to get out of the pressure of the problem becomes something important.