facility support

To support the competence and expertise of students in their fields, FDK has a Center for Da'wah Technology Development (PPTD) as a laboratory. PPTD trains students to have competence and professionalism in the fields of television and multimedia, radio broadcasting and graphic design (photos). PPTD develops campus television named Suka TV, Radio Field with the name Radio Rasida (Radio Broadcast Da'wah) which has aired as a community radio. While the graphic design field has established the Difikom community (Communication Design and Photography). Facilities, facilities and infrastructure supporting this laboratory in addition to the production and creativity building in the east wing of the multipurpose UIN Sunan Kalijaga, namely in the form of (1) production and on-air radio studios (2) multimedia rooms (3) TV master control rooms (4) management rooms (5) photo studios and graphic design.

In addition, almost all classrooms are filled with learning facilities and facilities so that students are comfortable in the learning process in class, such as chairs, blackboards, LCDs and air-conditioned rooms, lecturer rooms for student consultation services, free internet access, student centers and student organizations (LKM) as a forum for organizational skills, leadership training and other talents of interest. There are 10 MFIs in FDK, namely the Student Study Program Association (HMPS), KPI, BKI, PMI, MD and IKS, Student Senate, Student Council, BOMF Journalism Media Rethor, BOMF Satusaka-Theater, BOMF Mitra Umma-Student Counseling.  Students can also access a variety of journals and other scientific publications, such as the Da'wah Journal, Hisbah Journal, Welfare Journal, Journal of Community Empowerment and MD Journal.

The lecturers are also very qualified because they have doctoral education at home and abroad, as well as master's education at home and abroad. The lecturers also have various networks that can help increase the capacity of students in building networks according to their expertise. In addition, FDK alumni who are members of the UIN Sunan Kalijaga Alumni Family Association (IKASUKA) also form networks in accessing various opportunities, especially those related to post-study employment.

FDK realizes that access to students from poor families who excel must be given access to scholarships, for this reason FDK annually always provides access to students in all study programs to obtain Bidikmisi scholarships, as well as from Bank BNI, PT. Djarum with various achievement requirements.