Twenty-three Lecturers of the Da'wah and Communication Faculty Participated in the Doctoral Program to Strengthen Human Resources

The Faculty of Da'wah and Communication, Public Islamic University of Sunan Kalijaga held monitoring related to the progress evaluation of the lecturers doctoral program of the Da'wah and Communication Faculty. This is a excellent program in 2020-2023 to improve human resources. This event was held through a virtual meeting and was attended by lecturers and faculty leaders, on Thursday (13/1).

Dean of the Da'wah and Communication Faculty, Professor Marhumah, said that currently 23 lecturers of Da'wah and Communication Faculty are conducting doctoral study either in Indonesia or abroad. "They got scholarships in Canada, Taiwan and China," She Said. Meanwhile in Indonesia, several lecturers took doctoral studies at Sunan Kalijaga Public Islamic University, Gadjah Mada University, and Sebelas Maret University. Some of the lecturers are still in their second semester, but there are also lecturers who have been in fourth or fifth year. She added. She said this program is important for Da'wah and Communication Faculty to improve Human Resources. The availability of lecturers will enable faculty to open master's programs in all study programs. Even in the future, the Faculty can prepare to open a doctoral program.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Chancellor for Academic and Institutional Affairs, Sunan Kalijaga Public Islamic University, Professor Iswandi Syahputra motivated that doctoral studies are part of jihad. The real jihad is not only an individual jihad to have a degree, but an institutional and constitutional jihad. He said the meaning of institutional jihad is that if you don't complete your doctoral program, it will become a institution burden. The best doctoral program is not conducted at home or abroad, private or public, because the best thing is to be able to complete doctoral degrees.” Meanwhile, constitutional jihad refers to the national accreditation system. The system must have competent teaching staffs or lecturers in their fields for the academic development either faculty or university. "We are on a big ship, and direction of ship is determined by the quality of human resources". He said. He also motivated lecturers who are pursuing doctoral studies to be serious about completing their studies.” If you want to finish, renewing your intentions, be serious and make an effort, Allah will open the way.” He said.

Social Welfare Study Program Lecturer, Izzul Hak, said that the remainding program was very good because it made everyone aware to continue writing as a requirement for doctoral program passing. Based on the evaluation, some lecturers should be able to finish this year. Several lecturers said that their study program is running smoothly.” There are no special issues that hinder to complete doctoral program. Hopefully they will finish soon." Said Izzul who is also a participant in the doctoral program at McGill Canada.