The Professorization Program of the Dakwah and CommunicationFaculty of SunanKalijaga Public Islamic University accelerates the number of professors

The Dakwah and CommunicationFaculty of SunanKalijaga Islamic Public University continued to intensify efforts to meet the professorsnumber. It was going to have an impact on scientific development. One of them was the professorization program, itwas going to continue in the 2022-2023 period.

Dean of the Dakwah and CommunicationFaculty, Professor Marhumah said, from this program, the Dakwah and CommunicationFaculty inaugurated two professors, they were Professor AlimatulQibtiyah in 2020 and Professor Casminifor major in General Psychology in 2021.

"We are going to ensure that the lecturer professorization program can be continued for the 2020-2023 period", ProfessorMarhumah said, Monday (17/1). She added, there were two professorization programs atDakwah and Comunication Faculty, they were classical and intensive programs.

The main purposewas to build angood academic climate. The activities started from rank analysis, and the most important thing was being able to write in Scopus indexed journals.

“The programsare a webinar and intensive assistance. Discover writing reward program by PAU. In addition,the translate and proofreader programs are for the doctoral program. Hopefully the program is going to be complete in 2022," She said.

Deputy Dean of the Dakwah and Communication Faculty for Cooperation, Dr Pajar, said that the classical programobjective was to build an academic climate. This program was carried out, among others, by training lecturers of the Dakwah and CommunicationFaculty who got a doctoral program to participate in an intensivewriting scientific paper program. The activites were Webinars and learning how to be good writer from several productive writers. Meanwhile, intensive program, such as a “Program Menginap” to write a Scopus journal for five days at Irwan Abdullah (IA) Scholar. This intensive program wascarried out by Ahmad Izudin as the Editor in Chiefof the RumahJunal of the Dakwah and Communication Faculty of SunanKalijaga Public Islamic University

Pajar added that the doctoral program at Dakwah and Communication Faculty was attended by 20 doctors and six people who took part in the intensive program. They wereDrs LathifulKhuluq, Dr Hamdan Daulay, Dr Pajar Hatma Indra Jaya, Dr HM Kholili, Dr Sriharini, and Dr Akhmad Rifai.